I specialize in Canon camera bodies and lenses and have owned six versions of the latest Canon DSLR bodies and numerous Canon lenses.  I can teach you the basics for getting out of "AUTO" mode if you have a new camera and would like to learn how to take more control of your images.

Training is priced at $65 per hour and will be hands on using your camera and lenses.  Additionally, I will include some of my own lens equipment in the training for demonstrating capabilities and techniques in situations where you may not already have the appropriate lens selection.

Training may occur at your home, my home / studio, or most anywhere in and around the greater Nashville, TN area.

A typical training session includes the following:

  • Understanding the Exposure Triangle - Relationship between Shutter Speed, Aperture, and ISO
  • What are "Stops" of Light
  • Understanding Modes - Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority, Manual
  • Understanding Camera Menu Options and Buttons
  • Obtaining Proper Focus
  • Obtaining Proper Exposure - Reading the Histogram
  • How to Select Settings Based on Scenario and Situation
  • Determining and Framing Compositions
  • RAW versus JPG Format


In order to learn all of this information, a complete session will normally require approximately 4 hours of hands on instruction.

An additional $25 travel fee is charged for training locations that are greater than 20 miles but not more than 40 miles from Nashville, TN.