Portrait Process - What to Expect


Initial Contact and Scheduling

After you contact me for a portrait session the first step will be for us to meet and discuss the details.  I'll be asking about what you are hoping that we will achieve for final images.  This will include things such as the "look" of the images, the theme and overall mood, whether the shoot is commemorating a particular event, the number of people being photographed, the ideal location, etc.  This will help me to provide you with suggestions and ideas as well as for me to plan the appropriate equipment and setup requirements.

Once we know the overall plan, we can discuss session time requirements, pricing, and set the schedule.  We will also finalize the paperwork (I promise it is minimal) to confirm the session.


Day of Photo Session

If the session is in my home studio, we will chat a bit about the plan for the session and then we'll head to the studio.  My in-home studio includes a private dressing room and private bathroom so you will have a place to prep and/or change wardrobes as necessary.

If the session is on location either at your home, another indoor space, or an outdoor space, we will meet and chat a bit while I unpack the necessary equipment.

Once set-up we will take some test shots to make sure that the lighting is correctly balanced and in order to make adjustments as needed.  Then, we'll be ready to start.  When I am taking photos I have my camera tethered to my laptop and we will be able to look at the unedited shots in realtime.  This will help us to adjust anything that you might not like and to do more of the things that you do like.  After finishing the shoot, we will go back through the images and decide on the "favorites".



After the session, it will take approximately 2 weeks for me to go through the "favorites" and complete the editing and retouching work.  I'll send you updates along the way so that you will have a better idea as to when to expect the proofs to be ready for review.


Review Proofs / Selection

When the proofs are ready for review I will contact you so that we can arrange a meeting.  It is imperative that all parties that will be involved in selecting the images for production are present for this meeting.  I prefer that we meet in the location where the portraits will be displayed.  This way, you can see them in the quality of light within the very location that you'll have them in and I can help you with deciding on the correct sizing.  However, if it is not possible to meet where the portrait(s) will "live", we can meet at my home or we can decide on another location.

Proofs will include editing but will not include complete retouching (see Edits vs. Retouching in FAQ for more information).  These will be similar to but lesser grade paper than the actual portraits.  The proofs will be printed on standard 8.5 x 11 inch photo quality paper.  This will help you to better visualize how the finalized portrait(s) will appear.  The images will also be available to you for viewing online within a secure website.

Portraits selected are produced on fine art gallery grade Moab Lasal Exhibition Luster paper or on canvas.  Prints include options for 2mm styrene backing or 3/16 inch gatorfoam backing.  If you are interested in a different medium such as another paper type, canvas types, or custom framing we can review those options as well.  I have a preferred vendor for framing in which you can receive your final portrait(s) framed and ready to hang with no assembly required on your part.



Depending on the size and type of order, the completion of portraits will require anywhere from 2-4 weeks for processing.  Within a couple business days of the proof selections I should be able to narrow down the timing a bit more.  Once the portraits are ready for delivery I'll contact you and we can setup a time for me to bring them to you.