Inclement Weather


If your session was scheduled to occur at my in-home studio and weather conditions prevent you from getting to the studio we will reschedule your session at no charge.  Inclement weather includes hazardous conditions being reported as occurring or expected to occur during the arrival or departure commute time frames.  Conditions such as storm systems, snow, sleet, icy roads, and tornado warnings will be considered.

Likewise, if the session is to have been held "on location", I will contact you ASAP if inclement weather will prevent me from being able to arrive for the session.  However, I will do my best to arrive as planned and avoid rescheduling.  If the session was to be held outside and it is raining or we are experiencing heavy winds those conditions will likely require us to reschedule your session and I will contact you ASAP to do so.  If rescheduling is unavoidable due to weather conditions, we will do so at no charge or you may cancel your session for a full refund.