Copyright / License


Pursuant to U.S. Copyright Law, Title 17, David Newbold DBA: Newbold Images is the official copyright holder of all images.  You are granted license to use the images with the following stipulations:


Printed Images

Your images are for your personal use only.  You may not reproduce and/or publish printed images via scanning or any other means / methods.


Digital Images

You may use the digital images as follows:


High Resolution Digital Images

When you purchase a headshot session, the selected retouched images will be delivered to you in high resolution digital format.

You may sell products or materials that include reproductions of your high resolution digital format images on promotional items such as calendars, magnets, water bottles, mugs, shirts, bags, etc.  However, you may not alter the final retouched images in any way except for cropping or converting to black and white.

You may directly reproduce high resolution digital images, meaning that you may make your own prints at home, in the office, or via a professional photo lab.


Low Resolution Digital Images

When you purchase a portrait session, the selected retouched images will be delivered to you in low resolution digital format.  These images provided as an online convenience for review and selection.  However, they are not suitable for prints as images will be of lower quality and likely pixelated.

While low resolution digital images are not to be reproduced as prints or included on physical items, they may be published online within business websites, social media sites, and personal / business networking sites.

You may upgrade low resolution digital images to high resolution digital images for $40 each.


By participating in a photo session, you agree and understand that some of your images may be used on my website, blog, social media, in my promotional materials, and/or in my portfolio.  My business relies upon demonstrating my work to other potential clients.  However, if you do not wish to grant this permission please let me know.